Thursday, 6 October 2011



Dear viewers,
                        I hope you are enjoying cooking my recipes. I have tried to explain each recipe in great detail so as to enable a novice in the kitchen to cook a delicious healthy meal.
I never use any artificial preservatives or taste enhancers like mono-sodium glutamate in any of my recipes since they are harmful irritants to the body. I prefer to use natural preservatives such as salt, sugar, organic vinegar and gingelly oil together with dry spoons and airtight jars to handle and store food.
Even though I have given so many different ingredients and cooking information in my recipes, I need to reveal to you that there is one more absolutely indispensable, immensely precious ingredient which is essential in every dish you cook. This secret ingredient cannot be bought off any super market shelf but you can easily procure it from your heart. When you include this ingredient in your cooking, you will make no mistakes, but your dish will sing to the eater.
For when you cook with LOVE, you are putting your heart and soul into your cooking. Any person who eats food thus cooked will feel his mood greatly uplifted, his stomach fully content and his heart full of joy.
Cook and enjoy all my recipes one by one. I hope to give you more.
Girija Giridhar Kini

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