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          I am a house wife living at Mananthavady in Kerala, India. My husband Giridhar Raj Kini and I maintain an orchard of several different fruit trees in our compound. We grow our own organic vegetables too. We have two children.

          While tasting the fabulous food at feasts and in restaurants, I would crave for the recipes. When asked, people would be secretive and hesitate to divulge them. So, I would go home and try to deduce the ingredients and cooking procedure and endeavor to recreate those dishes. Though failures were there, I would often succeed and sometimes even excel the original dish.While my first passion is to take care of our plants, almost all my spare time is spent in the kitchen. I love cooking for my husband and kids. I love seeing their glowing faces when they tuck in. they are my inspiration.

          Every day, I try to create something new for them.Whatever I gleaned from my experiences, I wish to share with everyone. When I die, as we all eventually have to, I want my recipes to live on; to make many people happy. Beautifully cooked food is always an uplifting experience for the eater.

In my blog, Mouthwatering Food Recipes, I have given my recipes in such detail that even a novice in the kitchen can cook any of my dishes to perfection. Often, many of the ingredients are selected from plants or vegetables growing wild all around us. I have tried to preserve and provide ancient, often forgotten recipes rich in country wisdom and taste. I hope you will find my recipes quite refreshing and enjoyable.

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