Saturday, 22 October 2016


Dear ones,

After getting so many suggestions from my dear friends to start a proper website, after four years of blogging on, I finally decided to take the leap, and lo! My new website is born.

I have posted a bunch of exciting new recipes here for you and hope to put in many more in the coming days. I am sure you will love them. I request you to visit my new website frequently and to put in your valued comments.

I am ever indebted to you for all the love, support and inspiration you have given me and I look forward to sharing with you, God willing, the recipes of every delicious dish I cook at home, day after day. May god bless you all!

Here is a picture of a simple Konkani banana leaf meal. The items – clockwise from the center – are hot rice, sambar, alambya upkari (wild mushroom fry), uppata nonche (Konkani lime pickle), surna kachri (elephant foot yam chips), kooka upkari (Chinese potato roasted stir-fry), sheera (sweet Konkani semolina dessert), losunĂ© chutney (roasted garlic chutney), deep-fried stuffed curd chilies and alambya ambat (Konkani wild mushroom curry).

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