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Ingredients (to make around 600 ml.):

     1)    Fresh green lemons or limes – 500 gm.

     2)    Pickle powder – 100 gm.
     3)    Garlic – 2 pods
     4)    Ginger – ½ inch piece
     5)    Hot green chilies – 4 Nos.
     6)    Turmeric powder – ¼ teaspoon
     7)    Sugar – 25 gm.
     8)    Salt – 80 gm.
     9)    Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
     10)     Citric acid – ½ teaspoon (optional)
     11)     Water – 500 ml.

Homegrown organic green lemons

To prepare:

          Peel the garlic cloves and set aside. Cut the lemons to small pieces of around 1 cm. (½ inch) size and keep aside. Cut each green chili to 2 or 3 pieces and set aside. Peel the ginger, chop it finely and put aside. Pull the curry leaves off their sprigs and set aside.

To cook:

          Set a stainless steel curry vessel on high heat. Pour in 500 ml. of water and tip in the salt. Stir the salt until it dissolver fully. As soon as the solution comes to a boil, tip in the chopped lemon, the sugar and the turmeric powder. Let boil for 5 minutes. Now tip in the chopped ginger, the garlic cloves, the green chili pieces and the pickle powder. Stir well until it mixes in nicely.

          Tip in the curry leaves and stir for a minute. Put in the citric acid and mix nicely (citric acid is not required if you intend to refrigerate the pickle in an airtight jar and to use clean, dry spoons for serving).

Your delicious green lemon pickle is ready now. Switch off the heat and let cool to room temperature. Do not use a lid, for the condensed steam dripping back into the pickle can spoil it. As soon as the pickle has cooled, transfer to a couple of clean, dry, airtight 300 ml. jars.

This cooked pickle does not need to rest as some of the other pickles do, but it tastes even better after marinating for a couple of days. Serve with breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!



     1)    Green lemon pickle thickens after resting for a few days. If you like using it more as a dipping pickle than as a licking pickle, please dilute it a little bit with water before use.

     2)    Green lemon pickle is one of the best pickles to bring back the taste to your palate. It will make you salivate the moment you open the lid of the jar.


  1. pickles have never been my thing :) unless it s garlic or prawns :D
    you dont try anything non veg?

    1. Dear deeps, garlic? prawns? non veg? Check out:


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  2. seriously? oh My God.. are you doing some doctorate in cookery?
    i think you should be part of De Chef :)

  3. Dear deeps,
    I do not want to take part in cookery shows or competitions :) , but do wish to publish some good cookbooks.


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