Monday, 18 July 2016




          It is mid-July and the jackfruit season is coming to a close. We plucked one of the last few fruits this morning. When cut open, it turned out to be beautifully ripe, just right to make superb Chakka Prathaman, one of the favourite desserts of Malayalees. The dish was so delicious, so perfect, that my husband and children were in raptures. In fact, my daughter calls this a dish-licker! Be sure to cook this dish and enjoy!


     1)    Fully ripe Varikka jackfruit (see my jackfruit tree article) without seeds – 500 gm.

Fresh Jackfruit. Mouthwatering?

     2)    Coconut (medium-large) – 1 No.
     3)    Jaggery (unrefined cane sugar) – 400 gm.

     4)    Sugar – 100 gm.
     5)    Raw rice powder (you can use putte podi / pathiri podi too) – 60 gm.
     6)    Cashew nuts – 10 Nos.
     7)    Kismis (sultanas or dry seedless grapes or raisins) – 15 Nos.
     8)    Ghee (clarified butter) – 1 tablespoon
     9)    Cardamom – 5 pods

To prepare and to cook:

          Put the jackfruit into your food processor. Shell the cardamom and tip in the seeds. Grind to fine paste and transfer to a non-stick pan. Put in half the ghee and set on the stove. Stir continuously to avoid burning at the base. 10 minutes later, switch off the heat and set aside (I do this first in order to preserve the fresh flavour of the jackfruit).

Grate the coconut. Put it in the food processor. Add enough water (around 350 ml.) to grind it to fine paste. Strain it using a stainless steel sieve while squeezing out the coconut milk with your hand. Pour a little water (around 400 ml.) into the pomace again and squeeze out any remaining coconut milk. Repeat this once more, keeping the milk and discarding the residual solids (you do not want any coconut fibre in your dessert). Combine all the coconut milk and set aside.

Put the jaggery together with 50 ml. of water into a pan and set on low heat. Stir occasionally until it has melted fully. Now sieve the liquid and set aside the jaggery juice. Chop the cashew nuts and the kismis to fine bits (If you like to bite into whole cashew nuts / raisins, you need not chop them).

Put the rice powder into a pan. Add the remaining ghee. Tip in the chopped cashew nuts and the kismis. Set on low heat and stir carefully in order to avoid burning at the base. It will take about 8 minutes (depending on heat) for the rice powder to turn a light cream in colour (take care not to let it brown lest it ruin the taste). Switch off the heat and set aside.

Now pour the sieved melted jaggery into the cooked jackfruit paste and set on high heat. Stir continuously for around 12 minutes till the mixture comes to a jam-like consistency. Without letting up on the stirring, tip in the roasted rice powder mixture and the entire coconut milk.

Let the Chakka Prathaman boil for 3 minutes. Switch off the heat. This marvellous dish will thicken as it cools. Serve hot or chilled. If you are serving hot, you might like to pour in a teaspoonful of ghee on top, for added flavour. This dish is so good it will sweep you off your feet!



  1. Wowww… finally there is one item at least that I have had..

    1. Thanks deeps! Go through my earlier posts and tell me how many dishes you've had before.


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