Thursday, 21 July 2016




     1)    Potatoes – 1 kg.
     2)    Hot green chilies – 5 Nos.
     3)    Dry Kashmiri chilies – 4 Nos.
     4)    Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon
     5)    Cooking oil – 1 tablespoon
     6)    Curry leaves – 1 sprig
     7)    Asafoetida powder – ¼ teaspoons
     8)    Salt – 1½ teaspoons
     9)    Water – 1 litre

To cook:

          Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes of around 1 cm (½ inch) size. Slit the green chilies lengthwise into halves. Tip the potatoes and the green chilies into a pressure cooker. Pour in a litre of water. Close the lid and set on high heat.

As soon as you hear the first whistle, lower the heat and let cook for 10 minutes. Now switch off the heat and allow the cooker to cool naturally till all the steam has subsided (this will give the potatoes enough time to cook perfectly).

Set a cast-iron wok (for better taste and health) or deep curry vessel on high heat. Pour in the cooking oil and throw in the mustard seeds. As soon as the mustard seeds are about to finish crackling, pull the curry leaves off their sprig and toss them in. Break the dry red chilies into two pieces each and throw them in. Stir once and tip in the asafoetida powder. Now quickly pour in the cooked potatoes with their broth and add the salt.

As the curry starts to boil, use the ladle to lightly mash the potatoes. Taste and add more salt if necessary. Your Bototya Galgali is now ready to enjoy. Serve hot with fresh chappatis.

Both my mother and my son love to pour this Galgali generously over a plate of hot parboiled rice, mash with their fingers and slurp up the rice with gusto! It is the combined flavour of the potatoes, the asafoetida and the chilies that does the trick.

Bototya Galgali with Chappatis

Bon app├ętit!!!


  1. never tasted a Konakani dish i guess...

  2. yes i can manage my show, not a professional like you though, but as of now my company provides it :)

    1. Then please cook with joy at least once a week and share with the hungry. Let their happy faces be your reward and blessing.

  3. i work in uae Mam, so such things not possible... but i do something in my own way for a few back there in Kerala...

    1. Dear deeps,
      So glad to know. The world desperately needs such selfless actions of good hearted persons. God bless.


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