Tuesday, 22 November 2011

109) APPO


Appo with piyyava gojju

     1)    Dosa batter (see my dosa recipe) – 2 litres for 4 persons (approx.)
     2)    Coconut oil or any other cooking oil to grease the kuzhiyappachatty

To Cook:

          Set a cast iron or non-stick kuzhiyappachatty (pan with 7 or 9 or more hemispherical pits) on the stove. As soon as it heats up, pour in half a teaspoon of coconut oil into each pit. Stir the dosa batter well and use a small ladle to pour in the batter neatly up to the brim of each pit. Turn down the heat to minimum and cover with a lid.

          Lift up the lid after 7 to 8 minutes checking once or twice in between to see if the appos are cooked. If most of the batter at the top of the appo appears to be cooked, sprinkle a few drops of coconut oil on the top. Use a sharp spoon or a thin knife with rounded edge to gently prise up the appos and flip them over in their pits. Cover with lid for a couple of minutes. The underside will be slightly roasted by now. Lift out and serve hot with piyyava gojju (see my recipe) or with coconut chutney (see my recipe). 

          These easy-to-digest appos are so tasty they will make you crave for them over and over again. Be sure to try this recipe.

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