Friday, 25 November 2011



1)    Tender drumstick leaves – 50 gm.
2)    Tor dal (split pigeon pea lentils) – 100 gm.
3)    Small coconut – 1
4)    Turmeric powder – ½ teaspoon
5)    Chili powder – ½ teaspoon
6)    Mustard seeds – ½ teaspoon
7)    Cumin seeds – ½ teaspoon
8)    Coconut oil – 2 teaspoons
9)    Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
10)                      Salt – 1 teaspoon

To Cook
Pluck out the tender drumstick leaves from their sprigs. Wash, drain and set aside. Wash and drain the tor dal. Put the tor dal in a pressure cooker together with 500 ml. of water and set it on high heat. As soon as you hear the first whistle, lower the heat and cook for 5 minutes. Switch off the heat and allow to cool naturally.
Grate the coconut and tip it into a food processor. Add 120 ml. of water and grind to fine paste. The cooker must have cooled by now. Open it and put in the leaves. Close the lid and cook again till you hear the first whistle (the leaves need to be cooked thoroughly for propped digestion. If the leaves are added at the very beginning, even the lentils won’t get cooked properly). Switch off the heat and let cool naturally.
When cool enough to open the lid, put in the coconut paste. Drop in the chili powder, the turmeric powder and the salt. Mix well and set on high heat stirring occasionally to avoid burning at the base. If you feel that the curry is too thick for you, add a little water. Taste and add more salt if required. Meanwhile, set a small pan on low heat. Pour in the oil and throw in the mustard seeds.
When the mustard seeds are about to finish popping, tip in the cumin seeds and the curry leaves. Switch off and pour the contents of the pan into the boiling curry. Switch off the heat and cover the curry with a lid.
Your mild and delicious muringa ila parippu curry is ready to serve. Serve with rice, chapattis or rotis or just as such.

If fresh jackfruit seeds are available, take 7 or 8 seeds, remove their skins, cut into 4 pieces each and put them in the pressure cooker along with the tor dal. You will have an extra scrumptious curry. The sad thing is jackfruit is seasonal and seeds are not easily available round the year. So make it a point to include them whenever available.

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