Tuesday, 13 December 2011



1)    Fresh coriander plants – 100 gm.
2)    Coconut – ½
3)    Hot green chilies – 2 Nos.
4)    Tamarind – 5 gm.
5)    Salt – 1 level teaspoon

To Make:
Grate the coconut. Take the coriander plants. Cut off the roots along with an inch of stem. Soak the coriander plants in a solution of 1 litre of water with 10 ml. of vinegar for 15 minutes. This will help remove all the sticky mud and any pesticides. Wash 2 or 3 times in tap water. Chop roughly to pieces. Pluck off the stems of the chilies and wash. Check to see if the tamarind contains any seed. If so, remove the seed.
Put the grated coconut, the chopped coriander leaves, the chilies, the tamarind and the salt into a food processor. Grind for a few seconds. Pour in 40 ml. of water and push back to the bottom, the rough chutney sticking to the sides. Grind again to super fine, thick paste. Your yummy coriander chutney is ready to enjoy. Serve with pulav, chappatis, porottas, biriyani, ghee rice, fried rice, gruel, porridge, baturas, naans, rotis, dosas and also make sure you try coriander chutney as a sandwich spread.

Coriander chutney with pulav

A traditional Ayurvedic physician informed us that daily use of coriander leaves helps one get good relief from the aches and pains arising from arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

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