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     1)    Maida (refined white wheat flour) – 1 kg.
     2)    Sugar – 300 gm.
     3)    Thick creamy curd – 500 ml.
     4)    Salt – ¾ teaspoon
     5)    Baking powder – 2 teaspoons
     6)    Dusting flour (maida) – 1 cup approx.
     7)    Coconut oil or ghee (clarified butter) – to deep fry

To Make:

          Select a wide mixing bowl and put in the first five ingredients. Mix and knead nicely. Let rest for an hour. Knead again as much as you comfortably can. Grab a handful of dough and make a lemon sized ball. Roll it in the dusting flour (to keep the balls from sticking to one another) and set aside. Make similar balls using up the rest of the dough.

          Now use your rolling pin to make thick round puris of around 7 mm. thickness. Dust lightly with the flour and set aside.

          Set a wok on high heat. Pour in the coconut oil or the ghee. As soon as the oil or ghee is hot (about to smoke), put in one or two puris (according to the size of the wok). If the oil is too hot, lower the heat (for the oil or ghee should never be allowed to overheat to the point of smoking because such oil is bad for health).

          The sweet bubboos will puff up delightfully. Flip over frequently till both the sides become a light brown in colour. Lift out and drain off the excess oil or ghee. Put in the next batch and continue till all the bubooses are fried.

          You can enjoy the sweet bubboos either hot or cold. Bubboos keeps well for up to 3 days and is an excellent snack to take on picnics or travels. Both kids and grownups alike love to eat the bubboos.

You must make and try this wonderful snack. Enjoy!!!

          If you do not wish to use coconut oil or ghee, you can make do with any other cooking oil.

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