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Ingredients :

     1)    Baby potatoes the size of quail’s eggs – 1kg.
     2)    Cloves – 2 Nos.
     3)     Cinnamon stick – 1 three inch piece
     4)    Cardamom – 2 pods
     5)    Fennel seeds – ½ tea spoon
     6)    Coriander seeds – 1 tea spoon
     7)    Black pepper corns – 1 tea spoon
     8)    Red chili powder (medium hot) – 1 tea spoon
     9)    Turmeric powder – ½ tea spoon
     10)     Onions medium size – 2 Nos.
     11)     Ginger – 1 two inch piece
     12)     Garlic – 3 to 4 cloves
     13)     Ripe tomatoes medium size – 5 Nos.
     14)     Cream – 100 ml.
     15)     Cashew nuts – 50 gm.
     16)     Mustard seeds – 1 tea spoon
     17)     Tender curry leaves – 1 sprig
     18)     Butter – 100 gm.
     19)     Salt – to taste

To cook :

          Wash the potatoes and put them in a pressure cooker. Pour water to immerse the potatoes. Put on the lid and keep on the stove till you hear the first whistle. Switch off the heat and leave it to cool slowly.  Do not release the steam.

          Shell the cardamom pods. Take the cloves, cinnamon, cardamom seeds, fennel, coriander seeds and black pepper corns and grind them to fine powder. Chop the onions, ginger and garlic and grind them to fine paste. Chop and puree the tomatoes. Add the cashew nuts to the cream and grind to fine paste. Take out the potatoes from the cooker. Drain and remove the skins.

          Put a thick large pan on the stove. Chuck in the butter. Add the mustard seeds and stir till they splutter. (Unspluttered seeds often spoil the taste.) Turn down the flame and add the curry leaves. Quickly add the onion ginger garlic paste. Stir and add a pinch of salt.

          When the paste turns brown, add the powdered spices. Also, put in the chili powder and the turmeric powder. Stir and add the tomato puree. Cook for five minutes to reduce a little. Now, add the potatoes and stir for three minutes. Add the cashew cream. Pour just enough water to cover the potatoes. When it starts to boil, check the seasoning and add more salt to taste. Simmer for ten minutes and turn off the heat.

          Put on the lid and let rest for thirty minutes. Your lip smacking baby potato curry is now ready.

          To make the dish richer, toast a handful of cashews in butter till golden brown, add raisins and garnish.

Can be served with all types of bread or rice.

Bon app├ętit!!!

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