Sunday, 11 September 2011




     1)    Idli batter or dosa batter (recipe given separately)
     2)    Onions – 200 gm.
     3)    Tomatoes – 100 gm.
     4)    Medium hot green chilies – 2 Nos.
     5)    Tender curry leaves – 1 sprig
     6)    Salt – 1 pinch
     7)    Coconut oil – 100 ml.

To Cook:

          Chop the onions and tomatoes finely. Chop the chilies and the curry leaves into extra fine pieces. Put everything in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and mix it well.

          Put 2 tea spoons of coconut oil on the flat grill or in a wide shallow pan. Heat the grill or pan and pour a ladle full of batter (as for a pan cake). Turn down the heat and thinly sprinkle the mixed vegetables on top of the batter. Cover with a cloche so it cooks evenly.

          Keep on a low flame till the bottom of the uthappam turns golden brown. Now pour two tea spoons of coconut oil on the uthappam and carefully flip it over. Wait till the vegetables are caramelized, flip over and serve hot. It should not be burnt on either side or the taste and flavor will take a beating.

          Uthappam can be eaten by itself or can be accompanied by coconut chutney and saambar (recipes given separately). You can also use tomato sauce, molakappodi, honey or butter.


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