Friday, 16 September 2011



1)    B.T rice (Bombay terminus rice  / fine raw rice) – 400 gm.
2)    Urud dal (skinned black gram lentils) -100 gm.
3)    Fenugreek seeds – 1 teaspoon
4)    Fresh curd – 100 ml.
5)    Cooked rice – 50 gm.
6)    Salt – 1¼ teaspoon

To cook:
Soak the rice, urud dal and fenugreek for 3 hours. Wash, drain and put in a 2 litre wet grinder. Add the salt, fresh curd and the cooked rice and grind to fine paste. Check frequently and add a little water to grind smoothly. Stir occasionally to get rid of whole grains sticking to the sides of the grinder. Touch and feel the texture of the paste. Grind until it is silky smooth with the consistency of pancake batter.
Transfer to a vessel and let the batter rest for 3 to 4 hours. Set a flat pan on the fire. Grease the pan with butter or any other cooking oil. Stir the batter and pour a ladleful on the greased pan. Cover with a shallow cloche and lower the heat. The batter will rise beautifully with plenty of air holes.
Your yummy curd dosa should be ready in about 2 minutes. Check if it is done and serve hot.
You can enjoy it as such or with any dipping side dish.
Bon app├ętit !!!

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